Stylish haircut for short and long hair

This haircut has many variations. For example, hair can be cut into layers starting from the top of the head itself, or it can be cut off from the middle or only at the tips. Also layers – a feather cut can be made only on the face, framing an oval. The main feature of cutting the feathercut for long hair is that it adds visual volume and fits any face shape.



Feathercut is a kind of well-known cascade. This haircut is always very popular, in almost every season. Most often, this popularity is based on the fact that it is suitable for most types of hair and face shapes. It can create additional volume on thin hair and on the hair of different thicknesses. In addition, with the help of shortened strands in the face, it is possible to correct the oval and especially the projecting parts of the face. For example, wide cheekbones or chin area.

For the everyday image of a feathercut is quite convenient. To make a beautiful, stylish styling, just dry your hair using a hairdryer and a round brush. Using a brush to curl the tips from the face, either to the face.


5 reasons to make a feather cut 

Layered haircut is quite versatile and can be an excellent alternative for those who want to change the look.



  1. You can change the hairstyle without changing the length

Habitual hairstyle fed up, but the short length does not suit? Or do you want to get rid of fragile dry ends without a radical change in length? Thus, the feathercut is an excellent choice. You can make a super difference in the image without losing the current length.

  1. Gives movement.

Layers make hair moveable, eliminates feathery tips. Volume and movement appear – be it straight or curly hair, extensions or natural. Strands do not lie hard, but look airy. And the right styling allows you to create a gorgeous image.

  1. Adds volume

Layers on the hair can work wonders. Weight is removed from the strand, visual volume is acquired, the effect of thicker hair. But if by nature there is a volume and it is not necessary to emphasize this feature, you can make steps only at the tips.

  1. Layered haircuts always look modern.

Layers of hair, especially when properly laid, always look stylish and well maintained. If there is a need to change the hairstyle without a cardinal change in length – feathercut is the best option.

  1. Looks profitable staining.

Graded hairstyles are a great ally of those who love modern types of coloring – shatush, ombre. Layers help to emphasize the nuances of color, its transitions.

Do not neglect professional hair care. Of course, the conditioner will help you maintain the health and appearance of the hair between visits to a beauty salon, but professional care will help to solve problems at a deep level.