How do you know if you have fine hair?

Depending on the type or nature of your hair, you can select certain hairstyles or haircuts. Maybe you have tiny hair and you desire it to see fuller or you may have dense hair and seek to play it up.

There are many differences in thin and thick hair which may harm your hair care treatment or hairstyling techniques.

hair porosityThe curliness, thickness, straightness, fineness, etc. of your hair performs a big part in how you use it daily. First, know if you have fine hair, then use by-products to improve the fine hair.

How to determine if your hair is fine? Fine, natural, or coarse hair connects to the diameter of individual hair. Fine hair is tinier than natural hair, and natural hair is tinier than coarse hair.

Thin, normal or thick hair connects to the number of hairs on your scalp. Thin hair has few unique strands than normal, while normal hair has thinner strands than thick hair.

Hair grows in multiple combinations of the above. Simultaneously with wavy, straight, curly or knotted, one may have thick hair, fine, normal average hair, coarse thinning hair, thick coarse hair, and so on.

Hair additionally goes through resting phases and growth phases where one can notice less lost hairs in the brush or shower as their hair grows abundant in the growing phase. In the shedding/resting phase, the reverse will occur. If you have fine hair, you might notice porosity in some areas.

Some of the factors to improve the fine hair:

  • Frequent oil massage ( before hair shower)
  • Having an essential protein-rich and vitamin diet
  • Avoiding chemical and heat treatments
  • Routine trimming of hair to eliminate split ends

fine hair

How to improve hair porosity?

To restore the hair’s original moisture stability, one should initially know how porous your hair is. It can grow much more comfortable to manage and control a suitable hair care system with this understanding that involves moisturizing factors that can enter deep into your hair follicle, hydrating, and enclose the moisture.

Repairing it can be a difficult and complex process as a whole, but by applying products which can enhance your hair structure and support your hair to grow healthier, stronger, and most particularly well-hydrated.