Graduated Bob: Whom it Will Suit To

The modern rhythm of life pushes women to choose versatile and practical women’s haircuts. But in order to create your own image, you should not forget about style and attractiveness. For many ladies, graduated a bob is a perfect option. Why? Here are some basic:

  • Its straight lines and asymmetry emphasize the individuality of each woman.
  • Many people think that this option has come from silent movies. It was then that for the first time the hairdressers came up with a haircut that looks like a wig – to create a grotesque image. 
  • Later in the 60s of the last century, it has got enormous popularity as an iconic one. Women or girls could use it as a sign of free-thinking and courage.


What are their tips?

  • Short nape, voluminous top and elongated strands of hair near the face. 
  • Performed both with a straight bang and without it. 
  • In the modern world, this hairstyle is considered a classic. It looks elegant, stylish, feminine and, thanks to shaved elements, modern.

Who are advised to choose it?

  • Now there are many variations of this haircut. Now it is even performed on curly hair, but better, of course, it looks on thick and straight hair.
  • There are no age limits, cutting to the face of both girls and aged women.
  • The shaven nape emphasizes the neckline, so the hairstyle is more suitable for slender, athletic and slim women.
  • The haircut is perfect for businesswomen, students, and women engaged in the creative profession.
  • It is not recommended to square-stature the ladies with a short and massive neck, it will only add more mass to the silhouette.
  • The haircut is performed on short hair, fringe straight, slanting, the coat is selected according to the type of face.
  • It is easy and simple to care for. It all depends on the skills of the hairdresser – the better the performance is, the easier is grooming.


Option with a bang

This variation is the best choice for owners of the pear-shaped face. Why bang is so essential? Because it visually adds volume in those areas where it is not enough (above the ears and the crown). The hairstyle compensates for the difference between the top and bottom of the head, the distance between the temples and the width of the jaw, carefully balancing the proportions.

The most courageous and extravagant women with oval face hairdressers are recommended to have an asymmetrical option with short graduation. While with a short bang you can favorably emphasize the beautiful curvature of the brow arches and the cut of the eyes. The “torn” or sloping front strand in combination with the general chaotic styling will give the look of rocker, grunge, and slightly rebellious look.

As you see, it’s all about creativity and rebellious spirit. View the pictures of celebrities on the Internet to choose color and styling.