Square Haircuts for Short Hair For Mature Women

Dream to look stunning despite more years in your passport? Shoulder-length hair with an ideally even cut is an ancient haircut. This is a great solution. 

Since its invention, the square has undergone many modifications and has about a dozen different types. There is one element to add a twist and exclusive accent to it. It’s a fringe that favorably emphasizes the geometry of shape and helps to correct the face proportions, visually soften or hide some defects.

Some important information about this type of hairdressing:

  • This version of a fashionable haircut is great for ladies of the golden age with a beautiful neck.
  • Short option with bangs is a good choice for females with oval and square-rectangular facial type. A square slightly softens coarse features and visually makes hard forms more rounded and feminine.
  • An additional bonus – this haircut gives an amazing volume. Thin hair does not become heavier and does not fall down under its own weight, but is lifted at the roots. With proper performance and fixation, this effect lasts all day. 


What are the popular options?

  • Bob with bangs

It’s perfect for individuals with a proportional and square face. Do you have wide angular cheekbones or massive lower jaw? Don’t care! Curls and waves by special iron soften your whole image.

Many stylists propose to perform these options with different colors, mainly highlighting and coloring. Thin discolored or slightly bleached locks add visual volume. Highlighting will help to hide gray strands. 

  • Graduated square with a fringe 

“Ragged” tips and gradual layering help to hide the “heavy” forehead and large lower jaw and correct the facial oval. It focuses attention on the cut of the eyes, distracting it from the shortcomings. Additionally, this hairstyle hides large or ugly ears.

This is a real invention for those who like volume. This variant is especially recommended for owners of thin curls which are losing its natural strength. It looks interesting if you use gel or wax when styling, creating randomly sticking “needles”. The contrast of smooth bangs and loose strands is really stylish and eccentric. Especially if you are not afraid to present yourself like modern and artistic personality.

Important advice! If the strands are weak and thin, they will quickly lose volume, succumbing to the gravity of their own weight. Even high-quality styling with reliable fixation, as well as ironing at the roots or twisting will not help to maintain its shape longer than 3-4 hours. So think about appropriate dyeing: it can be platinum blond or some shades of red, brown, honey. These colors are very rich and will take away your years.