Cascade Square for Women Over 50

It’s all about the creativity and rebellious spirit. 

Haircuts in the cascade technique have long got global recognition. Those who do not want to part with the classic forms, but strives for change, may choose this option. It successfully combines the positive characteristics of each model. The hairstyle is performed with layers to get a double volume: on the back of the head for the contour, over the covering cap to obtain a multi-level texture.

General description

Learn some basic facts:

  • The classic square has been known since antiquity. 
  • The modern version of the hairstyle has achieved mass popularity in the early XX century.
  • After that, we observed a short decline and then it came to the background of popularity. In the ’60–’70s the search for new images led to emerging of the next hit, which achieved mass demand: cascade. 
  • In the 80–90s, stylists put together both options, getting a bold solution.

Why fore 50+ women?

Are you bold enough for changes? Let’s do it together!

  • Many ladies liked the haircut with smooth borders of the lower contour and a layered structure. The option looks stylish and easy. The hairstyle is universal, easy to care for. There are various modifications that combine the traditional form and cascade structure of the covering shape.
  • This model is performed on short, medium or long hair. The base is shag with a straight or slightly curly structure. The hairstyle may contain different levels of layering, contain bangs or remain without this element.
  • Pick an appropriate variation after the correct assessment of appearance. However, the experts claim that this hairstyle will decorate young female students and a solid aged lady. For example, the first group will have to be guided by the type of appearance, and mature women are advised to consider the length.
  • Cascade square is ideal for women with thin hair. Layered geometry will allow you to add a volume. It is recommended to increase the number of layers. Additional styling can make wonders. Thick hair can be additionally thinned. 
  • Owners of a large square or round oval are recommended increased length. A special hairstyle structure will soften the heavy look. The length of the upper layer should reach the ear lobe, completely covering the cheekbones. Ladies with refined features, oval, triangular faces are advised to cut a short version.

To make your total look more feminine, just cut a fringe. It will hide a massive forehead as well as balance the proportions of a large, elongated face. Thin or a bit curly bang will give your image some enthusiasm. Ragged strands and asymmetry will open the forehead and draw attention to the cheekbones, lips.